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Board of Directors
Shinzo Sakakura
Masayuki Hara
Takeshi Ozawa
Incorporated - May, 1949
Founded - February,1924
MUFG Bank Ltd., Kawaramachi Branch, Osaka
Shokochukin, Osaka Branch
Minato Bank Ltd., Osaka Branch
Textile Piece Goods, Garments  
Export to 
Europe, USA, China, Korea
Import from
Europe, China, India


  • S. SAKAKURA & CO.,LTD was established in Kobe in 1924 by Shozo Sakakura (1894-1990). Prior to this, Shozo's father, Tsunekichi(1867-1934) handled textile fabrics and products in Nagoya with a branch officce in Yokohama until business was interrupted by the 1923 Kanto Earthquake. Shozo re-established the business in Kobe as a buying agent for David Jones Department Store, Australia, and gradually expanded his activities to export of silk and rayon fabrics. After the Second World War, the company quickly resumed business in Kobe in 1949. In 2012, the company moved the head office to the present place in Osaka.
  • Currently we:
    Export fabrics of the latest fashion and technology from major mills, weavers and dyers in Japan. Fabrics include polyester, cotton, etc.

    Import fabrics and garments. We started importing European high fashion fabrics and garments as early as 1960.

    Started to import Indian fabrics and garments in 1970.
    Also import garments from China.

    We can coordinate finished garments of any fabrics.

  • Our business philosophy is:
    Handle only quality merchandise.
    Deal sincerely and fairly with all trading partners.
    Work hard and positively together as a team.
  • We consider our worldwide network of customers, suppliers and agents our assets. All are influential and respected companies and persons in their local societies, and it is our desire to increase such association through business.

Sakakura staff members in 1936